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Close your eyes and listen to our sound logo.

Music evokes distant memories, secret dreams and deep feelings. The right sound is the backdrop for the events in our lives and seals their memory. This is why we were keen to find a new way of speaking about ourselves. We didn’t only want to put ourselves on show, we also wanted to make ourselves heard.

With the help of Andrea Ponzoni, CEO of Freecom, and Gianluca Ballarin, a musician and artistic producer for Elisa, Francesca Michielin, Marco Mengoni and Giorgia, we have concocted a jingle to remind us of our fresh, lively identity and convey our friendly, positive, dynamic essence in music.

This is the result. We hope you’ll like it as much as we do.

Put on your headset and listen to our playlists.

Five different souls and five different sounds based on our areas of expertise.

Mountain & Sport

As Paolo Cognetti has written, “The mountains are not only snow and crags, ridges, streams, lakes and pastures, but also a way of living life”. It’s our way too, and it comes out in these notes. Listen to them on a walk or a run, for a deep breath of fresh mountain air.

Tourism & Hospitality

Tourism was our first love, and hospitality was a natural development for us. This playlist is a marriage of the two souls. The perfect soundtrack for jogging round city streets, jumping into just made beds and looking out of a window and dreaming of your next destination. Bon voyage.

Design Art & Innovation

The story of an enterprise, the birth of a product, the world of the project, the ever-new perspectives promulgated by art and digital tech innovations – for more than a decade we have translated these worlds into integrated narratives that transmit values, strengths, inspirations and technical details. The very things we intend to inspire you with in this playlist.

Food & Wine

Communication is also conviviality. Telling the story of the food and wine universe is a pleasure with a very special flavour. When we aren’t expressing a concept on paper, we resort to music, a perfect soundtrack for dinners packed with people and love. Bon appétit.

PR Events & Lifestyle

We organise events and multichannel communication projects, overseeing the entire process, from conception to planning to final production. And music is a fundamental part of any event: hence our playlist, ready to catapult you into the atmosphere of our lifestyle projects.

Sound Branding

As Andrea Ponzoni explains, “The mood we have chosen is light with a slightly vintage atmosphere: it evokes the imaginary of the 1990s-2000s, very dear to the millennials in particular. The composition comes in different versions: in addition to an audio logo, which may be used as an opening for videos, walk-ins, music on hold, website background music and a soundtrack for social videos, a “corporate sound” has been created to use in playlists – Spotify, for example – and to accompany images.

The project, which has been designed down to the last detail, may be replicated for other brands with a different feel, mood and essence, according to their identity.

We, in collaboration with Freecom, would be delighted to develop a Sound Branding project for all bodies and organisations interested in this new form of storytelling.

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